They are still at it. They lie for a living. If there lips are moving……

Sandi Glade

My husband & I got the same story. Is there anything we can do about it??

  1. sign1835 Post author

    When did it happen? When, is you have a 3 or five days to cancel the contracts. How did you pay? If you used a credit card. You can recover but you have to fight. This scam is fraud. You have two years to appeal to your credit card company not 30 days. There are good attorneys in Mexico that can help but its more money out of pocket. The other avenue is the Perfecto. The Mexican consumer protection agency. It is Mexico and if you get your money back it will take years. How much did they get? If you are to transfer property to them don’t do it.. If these people were in the united states they would go to prison.

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