Response to Barbie

Do not transfer any property to them! The sale was a fraud, the contact should not be valid and is not valid in the US. They will say that you canceled and you loose all the money you put down.  Thats where I am. They have no office here. It is a virtual office all phone calls and mail are just sent down to Cabo. These People are pros at stealing. I am still fighting with Visa, to try to get my 1,000.00 down that I put on a visa card back. Your only recourse is thru the Prefeco. Its a Mexican consumer protection agency. You should not go there( Cabo Viejo) . They will not make it right.   This link is to a group trying to fight Mexican timeshare fraud. We so got taken to the cleaners. Go to Visa, there is no time limit on fraud. Send the Docs and see if you can get your money back. Do not give them (Signature) any properties…These same people just change location and business name and keep doing the same scam. Many nights I lie in bed burning up inside…their nothing but thieves…. I feel so sorry for you. My wife and I feel so stupid for letting them screw us..  Art

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