Mexico timeshare purchases

Everyone who goes to Mexico and stays at a resort gets the pitch. Buy into our beautiful resort come and stay every year. What they fail to tell you are all the little hooks they have in their contracts. One favorite is the exchange of your current timeshare. Even though it is most likely worthless, they will tell you, purchase this and we will give you x amount for it… Or exchange it for a one time fee. True they charge you a one time deed search fee then they charge you for the transfer thousands of dollars extra. Most of the time they just cancel the contacts on your timeshare they don’t want to get saddled with the yearly maintenance fees. I have bought and been treated fairly and I have been conned and ripped off for thousands. Read your contract make sure it says what you are buying. Make sure everything they say is in writing. If their lips are moving its a lie. In Mexico you have 5 days to cancel any contract…. use it……

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