Signature ripoffs Con men…

 I am opening this website to try to warn others of the  Evil men who who lie and steal as a way of life. Signature integrated  travel systems, Signature travel, whatever name they go under are thieves…      Our Story,   On Oct 31, 2013 we went to a presentation at Cabo Viejo in Cabo San Lucas we were fed breakfast and were shown the property by our salesman Eric Scott. Then they made their pitch. We were told that this was not a timeshare but partial ownership and we would be buying 4 weeks” a year, ours to use at Cabo Viejo. We were told that the weeks we did not use we would be paid $2,000.00 per week per year. Then they show us the CDS website which would be part of the deal. We were told that they basically eliminate the middle man so the price were dirt cheap. Eric our salesman, showed us a website for all kinds of timeshares and hotel rooms at great prices 1/3 to1/2  of the usually prices. We were told that when we stayed we would have our own chef 3 days out of the week. I told them we couldn’t afford the $61,000.00 price tag. That’s when they introduce us to Remy. Remy said they would buy 3 of our timeshares for almost $50,000.00. Remy sold the deal, they were very smooth. What a deal we could unload some of our timeshares and stop paying so much in maintenance fees. We put $1,000.00 on our  Visa card and signed a note that we would pay $9,0325.00 within 30 days. We left Cabo thinking we had made a good deal.. I wired them the $9325.00. They wanted us to transfer our property within one year. We did not get our membership info till Feb 12. When we did get on the web site it was totally different not the same. We did not want to believe we got scammed. But now we know, we just did not want to admit we were lied to and we felt like fools. Now when I read on the internet about how these same people have ripped off others, many others. I am getting mad. I am filing a complaint with the Mexican consumer protection bureau (Perfecto). I feel like a fool but this was a fraud, a bait and switch… I will post story’s of others who have deal with these criminals. I am going to open my own website about these people and hope that I can warn other of their activities. The same people do this then change the name of their company and location and do it again. We are starting out by asking Visa to please investigate this and to please get our ($l,000.00) money back. I know we have waited but it wasn’t until the beginning of April. That I knew we had been robbed.    PS Visa send us a letter saying they were going to return our $1,000.00.   Please feel free to send your story of your dealings with Eric,  Kevin,  Joe, Remy.. Whatever alias they are using.

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    1. sign1835 Post author

      When did it happen? When, is you have a 3 or five days to cancel the contracts. How did you pay? If you used a credit card. You can recover but you have to fight. This scam is fraud. You have two years to appeal to your credit card company not 30 days. There are good attorneys in Mexico that can help but its more money out of pocket. The other avenue is the Perfecto. The Mexican consumer protection agency. It is Mexico and if you get you money back it will take years. How much did they get? If you are to transfer property to them don’t do it.. If these people were in the united states they would go to prison.

    2. john childers

      I am having dealings with Signature Travel. I bought a life time membership from them while in Cabo San Lucas at Cabo Viejo In Feb 2014. At the time I thought I was buying directly from the resort but sorry to say I have learned recently that was not the case. Cabo Viejo has changed the name of the resort to The Residences LaVille. Name change made because of wrong doings when they were Cabo Viejo. My contact with the resort now says they are not doing business with Signature Travel. If this is the case , I can no longer made reservations through Signature. I won’t like to know what recourse I have to get back the monies paid for the membership.

      What is the status of what you are trying to do with Signature


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