Monthly Archives: November 2014

Con Men still at it.

Yesterday, I get a call from a timeshare property transfer company. They want to transfer our timeshares to these rip-offs… I tell them no way it was a total fraud. These people lie and cheat then try to intimidate you.. Well small victory, We have wow with Visa and got our $1,000 dollars we put down back. Thank you VISA!!!  Now we are out $9325.00, I sent them in a cashiers check. I wish I had put that on the Visa. We are still trying to recover the $9325 thru the Perfeco. I don’t know if we will get it back, but these Con-men are still in business. In the USA they would be in Jail cells. If you have been ripped off by these people don’t give up. Share your story, anything you share can help others..sooner or later these people will be brought to justice..