Another victim

In Mach 2014 we went to the presentation at CaboViejo. We liked the property and decided t buy a partial “fractional”.
Joe, our salesman, told us the would take our Cabo Villas timeshare in as a credit and all we would have to pay would be
$15,600 for 2 weeks every year at Cabo Viejo and 4 Leisure Weeksth rough Signature Integrated Travel System anywhere in the world at a reduced rate.

So we bought into Cabo Viejo and paid them $15,600 on our Visa Credit Card and signed a certificate that we would give them our Cabo Villas Timeshare within one year (they gave us a credit of $30,000) for it. We thought we bought 2 weeks a year at Cabo Viejo and would receive 4 leisure weeks.

We got a phone call about their option to buyback after 10 years and it opened some doors that now we realize we were totally frauded.

They told us we only bought one week, every other year and 3 Leisure weeks every other year. This is not what we bought. We looked at our paperwork and it appears that it
was doctored somehow when they returned it to us after we did all the signing. We’d have to be insane to pay $46,000 for a week every other year.

Anyway, we have spoken with member services at Cabo Viejo and they’re willing to “right the wrong”. Only problem is we’ll only get one week not two weeks.

We are going to Cabo to see whoever is in charge at Cabo Viejo in the next couple of days. To try to get this worked out and we get what we bought.

Any additional information you can give us regarding your situation, it sounds like our situation except you didn’t put so much cash upfront.

I don’t know if we’have any recourse or whether our credit card company will consider it fraud or not. Once we go down
there and talk to someone in charge we hope that this all works
out in our favor. We’re talking a timeshare worth$30,000 plus our cash of $16,000.00. We can’t afford to lose $46,000 to these scammers.

Did you lose your other timeshares or were you able to stop the transaction once you found out you were scammed.

I hope to hear back from you asap as we’re headed to Cabo
next week.

Thanks for any information anyone can give us.

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