Mexico timeshare purchases

Everyone who goes to Mexico and stays at a resort gets the pitch. Buy into our beautiful resort come and stay every year. What they fail to tell you are all the little hooks they have in their contracts. One favorite is the exchange of your current timeshare. Even though it is most likely worthless, they will tell you, purchase this and we will give you x amount for it… Or exchange it for a one time fee. True they charge you a one time deed search fee then they charge you for the transfer thousands of dollars extra. Most of the time they just cancel the contacts on your timeshare they don’t want to get saddled with the yearly maintenance fees. I have bought and been treated fairly and I have been conned and ripped off for thousands. Read your contract make sure it says what you are buying. Make sure everything they say is in writing. If their lips are moving its a lie. In Mexico you have 5 days to cancel any contract…. use it……

They are still at it. They lie for a living. If there lips are moving……

Sandi Glade

My husband & I got the same story. Is there anything we can do about it??

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    When did it happen? When, is you have a 3 or five days to cancel the contracts. How did you pay? If you used a credit card. You can recover but you have to fight. This scam is fraud. You have two years to appeal to your credit card company not 30 days. There are good attorneys in Mexico that can help but its more money out of pocket. The other avenue is the Perfecto. The Mexican consumer protection agency. It is Mexico and if you get your money back it will take years. How much did they get? If you are to transfer property to them don’t do it.. If these people were in the united states they would go to prison.

The bait ” Cabo Viejo “

This site was created to try to help victims of this fraud. We also hope to try to warn others about these con men and try to save others from being victims. We sincerely hope you will use this as a forum to share your stories. I know my wife and I were ashamed that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.  We are very intelligent people, but these people are pros at what they do. They are nothing but liars and thieves.cropped-20131031_1144091.jpg

There is hope.

Don’t ever give up, they just want to steal your money.

 Today we received news from the office of the Profeco. It is as follows

 Thanks for your email, we inform you that according with the information provided, your claim was formalized against the supplier Grupo Desarrollador Dirbo, S.A. de C.V. (Signature Integrated Travel Systems), please wait for our email in which we will provide you a file number, hearing date and the name of the lawyer that will be in charge of your case.

 It’s been a year and a half since we were ripped off. Just don’t give up and keep fighting them.


Con Men still at it.

Yesterday, I get a call from a timeshare property transfer company. They want to transfer our timeshares to these rip-offs… I tell them no way it was a total fraud. These people lie and cheat then try to intimidate you.. Well small victory, We have wow with Visa and got our $1,000 dollars we put down back. Thank you VISA!!!  Now we are out $9325.00, I sent them in a cashiers check. I wish I had put that on the Visa. We are still trying to recover the $9325 thru the Perfeco. I don’t know if we will get it back, but these Con-men are still in business. In the USA they would be in Jail cells. If you have been ripped off by these people don’t give up. Share your story, anything you share can help others..sooner or later these people will be brought to justice..

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    1. Also look into Vacation Getaways in the Cabo marina above Sr. frogs. This scam came all the way from La Jolla Mazatlan/Punta Pacifico.

Another victim

In Mach 2014 we went to the presentation at CaboViejo. We liked the property and decided t buy a partial “fractional”.
Joe, our salesman, told us the would take our Cabo Villas timeshare in as a credit and all we would have to pay would be
$15,600 for 2 weeks every year at Cabo Viejo and 4 Leisure Weeksth rough Signature Integrated Travel System anywhere in the world at a reduced rate.

So we bought into Cabo Viejo and paid them $15,600 on our Visa Credit Card and signed a certificate that we would give them our Cabo Villas Timeshare within one year (they gave us a credit of $30,000) for it. We thought we bought 2 weeks a year at Cabo Viejo and would receive 4 leisure weeks.

We got a phone call about their option to buyback after 10 years and it opened some doors that now we realize we were totally frauded.

They told us we only bought one week, every other year and 3 Leisure weeks every other year. This is not what we bought. We looked at our paperwork and it appears that it
was doctored somehow when they returned it to us after we did all the signing. We’d have to be insane to pay $46,000 for a week every other year.

Anyway, we have spoken with member services at Cabo Viejo and they’re willing to “right the wrong”. Only problem is we’ll only get one week not two weeks.

We are going to Cabo to see whoever is in charge at Cabo Viejo in the next couple of days. To try to get this worked out and we get what we bought.

Any additional information you can give us regarding your situation, it sounds like our situation except you didn’t put so much cash upfront.

I don’t know if we’have any recourse or whether our credit card company will consider it fraud or not. Once we go down
there and talk to someone in charge we hope that this all works
out in our favor. We’re talking a timeshare worth$30,000 plus our cash of $16,000.00. We can’t afford to lose $46,000 to these scammers.

Did you lose your other timeshares or were you able to stop the transaction once you found out you were scammed.

I hope to hear back from you asap as we’re headed to Cabo
next week.

Thanks for any information anyone can give us.

Response to Barbie

Do not transfer any property to them! The sale was a fraud, the contact should not be valid and is not valid in the US. They will say that you canceled and you loose all the money you put down.  Thats where I am. They have no office here. It is a virtual office all phone calls and mail are just sent down to Cabo. These People are pros at stealing. I am still fighting with Visa, to try to get my 1,000.00 down that I put on a visa card back. Your only recourse is thru the Prefeco. Its a Mexican consumer protection agency. You should not go there( Cabo Viejo) . They will not make it right.   This link is to a group trying to fight Mexican timeshare fraud. We so got taken to the cleaners. Go to Visa, there is no time limit on fraud. Send the Docs and see if you can get your money back. Do not give them (Signature) any properties…These same people just change location and business name and keep doing the same scam. Many nights I lie in bed burning up inside…their nothing but thieves…. I feel so sorry for you. My wife and I feel so stupid for letting them screw us..  Art